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can labiaplasy be covered by insurance it is causing irritation and other problems?

We can always try to pre-certify for this procedure. If they approve it then yes. If they won't approve it and we have to file a claim to see if they pay or not you will be required to pay for the procedure upfront and anything they pay will be reimbursed to you.

Do you do airline lowering to reduce the size of your forehead ?

No we do not.

Is a donut incision an option a with breast lift or breast reductions

Yes in some cases that is what he does. He will discuss all options in your consultation.

Will medicade cover rhinoplasty

In some situations it may if it's for a medical reason and not cosmetic. However, we only take Arkansas Medicaid.

Can you get silicone implants at 19

Yes, in most situations you can. It's no problem at all if you have already had a child, if implants are being placed for reconstruction purposes OR you sign a waiver. Give us a call and we can give you more information and schedule your consultation. Also, we are having a fall special on silicone implants in October and November. (Implants are $500 off these months.)

Do you offer 1200cc implants , currently have 800cc and want bigger.

As of right now they do not make implants that large. However, in the next few months Mentor should be coming out with implants that are 1000cc's. Call us for any further questions. 903-793-8966

If I want to get the saline breast implants in mid December when should I make my consultation?

Anytime. Call our office and we can help you with your appointment. 903-793-8966

If I want to get the saline breast implants in mid December when should I make my consultation?

You can make it at anytime between now and December. However, we are running a special on silicone implants October 1st - November 30th. You would be paying nearly the same for a much better implant. Call our office to schedule your appointment. 903-793-8966

Do you have to be 18 for the Breast Augmentation?

What type of implant are you wanting: Saline or Silicone? Saline isn't a problem at all. IF silicone implants, we will just have you sign an extra consent form. Call our office for more details and to schedule your free consultation. 903-793-8966

I had a complete hysterectomy in April, 2014. Would a mini tuck be a problem since the incision is the same as my hysterectomy? I'm 47 and had endometriosis for 20 years before my hysterectomy. I'm in good shape, I exercise and not overweight. It just seems since I've had my hysterectomy my tummy is still sticking out no matter how much I exercise. I would love for this to be flat. It looks likeI'm coconstantly bloated. Please advise.

This is something that we can do and possibly here in our office. You just need to call and schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for a mini tummy tuck or if you would get your best result with a standard or full tummy tuck. 903-793-8966